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Camping with a Pyscho(Ranch Wife)

Camping with a Pyscho(Ranch Wife)

It may surprise you that this dirt hating gal likes to camp, but I was born in Alaska and grew up in a very outdoorsy family. So I do enjoy taking my kids camping. Timbuckto and I used a tent for years for camping and we even bought a huge one with 2 rooms and lights for the whole crew. 

Last year we had to invest in a camper for 4-H and I realized that I have a lot of my mother in me because I am a packer and a planner and I will have it all figured out to have the best time AND keep it organized and clean :) 

Here are my tips…

First, give everything a wipe down at the beginning and end of the season. It just makes everything easier. I do clean it every time we bring it home. Vacuum, disinfect and wash all the bedding...cuz you know, psycho ranch wife? 

Clear Containers

Get these containers and use them in the cabinets and refrigerator to keep things organized and to prevent food/items from rolling all over when you’re traveling.

Outdoor Rug

A giant outdoor rug. A must. I put this out in front of the camper. It stops all(ish) of the dirt from coming into the camper. The kids can take their shoes off and leave them out here. They lay on the rug with their toys and all helps cut down on the mess. It is also fine if someone spills a drink or drops their hot dog. You just rinse it off.


Folding Table

Don’t forget a big folding table. I put it on the top of the rug next to the door and we use it to keep things we are using on, lay out food for meal that will be eaten outside or with friends, etc. You need the big table. Trust me. 

A few more tips:

Always, ALWAYS! Put meat in ziplock bags. We have had our freezer turn off when it was supposed to switch from propane to electric and let me tell you what I almost burned the camper to the ground trying to get the rotten meat smell out. 

Put all the dirt clothes in the bathtub area. This helps keep things picked up and keeps all the nasty, muddy, fishy stuff together. With small kids they can change into many outfits during the day and having somewhere for the dirty laundry really helps me. 

Have a cabinet for the kids to put their toys they want to bring. We also certain books, toys that just stay in the camper which makes them more fun as they only get them when camping. Board games for just the camper a must with my kids.

Bring outdoor toys that are easy to pick up. A ball, bat and mitt. Bubbles. 

Don’t forget disinfectant wipes. They are so much easier to clean with that paper towels. I wipe down the outdoor table every morning and I just one of these. I use them to wipe the counters off after prepping. 

PUT IRISH SPRING SOAP EVERYWHERE! It helps keep mice out the camper. I bought a huge thing of it at Costco and put a bars all over. Along the edges, in cupboards etc. Plus, it smells FRESH! 

k, byeeee

Ok, what do you love to bring camping? Do you have any secret tips?


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