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cleaning the gosh darn car

cleaning the gosh darn car

Listen, nothing makes me more crabby than a dirty car and I don’t care who the F you are, if you have kids that shit is getting dirty in 4.5 seconds. 

Last year, I started cleaning my mom car out on Fridays…it seemed to stay more clean that way because we aren’t in the car much over the weekend. I somehow got away from that over the summer and I need to get back in the habit of doing it once a week.  

So, I wrote it down on my to-do list for Thursday and then the wind started blowing and it started raining and I really didn’t want to…but I got my shit together after lunch and got after it.  Then I thought, “holy crap! This is #psychoranchwife  ing if there ever was and I better do a blog post on how I clean the car out.”

Here is what I do:

  • Get a garbage sack and throw away all the trash and as many toys as it takes to start feel better haha! 
  • Bring everything that doesn’t belong in the car inside. For me there’s usually 5 pairs of socks, thanks Perry. 12 water bottles, thanks Teag. And 4 pairs of shoes, thanks Ty. 
  • Take all the carseats out and throw them (gently) in the lawn. Sometimes I hurl them across the driveway. Did I mention that this a rage-type cleaning?
  • Fill up a basin with hot, soapy water or my favorite combo is hot water and Mr Clean and scrub the seats. My kids ALWAYS, always! Manage to get milk, yogurt, chocolate something freakin’ gross on the seats that needs scrubbed off. 
  • I use some kind of car cleaner to wipe the doors, dash etc. everything gets super dusty and dirty because of where we live. 
  • The thing that really surprises me is how nasty the inside of the windows get so I clean those with a norwex window cloth system. 
  • Then I take the floor mats out and scrub them with the rest of the seat washing water and vacuum up all the CRUMBS and rocks. 

Put the chairs back in and then make my kids walk and never let them back in. 

Just kidding, but I really wish that was an option. 

Peace babes, 


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