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4 tips for picking a commission photo

4 tips for picking a commission photo

So you want to commission a drawing from me, but you’re not exactly sure what photo is best. I gotchu!

Here is a quick guide: 

Meaningful - this isn’
t to say that you can’t just pick a cool picture, but does that cool picture fit into your life somehow? Where will you display it? Who is it for? What elements are important?

Focus- you may love a memory and the photo evidence of that memory is blurry…well that might not be the best photo if you’re wanting it be drawn clearly.  If you’re ok with me abstracting it and embracing the blur, then we are all good! But if you want a crystal clear drawing with all kinds of detail, that’s not the photo for you.

Details- what do you want drawn? The people? The animals? Are they blobs of colors or detailed? If the picture has silhouetted objects, it is probably best left as a photo and not transformed into a drawing.


Contrast- Is everyone wearing the same pants right next to each other? Is a herd of cattle all one color with no light and shadows? YIKES! It’s going to get muddled when I draw it.  Everyone wearing jeans, but the light is hitting them and creating shadows? You can see the folds and seams? PERFECT. Make sense?

So what questions do you have? Did you know that you can email me a picture to ask for a quote and I can give you an estimate of when I can have it done and how much it will cost?


I will be totally honest with you if I think you need to pick a different picture and I love hearing your stories behind why you choose certain photos.


Peace my pals.

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  • Donica

    After reading this I have the perfect picture in mind. The four tips were very helpful! 🙌🏼

  • Kaitlin Van Essen

    Love these tips!! Thank you for this post! It helps so much. I’ve been searching for the perfect picture of my grandpa to have you draw. ❤️

  • Anna Bergerson

    Still searching for a clearer and more crisp of that photo of my mom herding cows 🥲 this is helpful tho!

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