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Science with a Story

Science with a Story

Okay, okay. I know. Nerd Alert. But stick with me. 

Sometimes I get sick of listening to music while I’m creating or working in my office and I’ve really gotten into memoirs that teach me something. I have been completely OBSESSED with these books and realized that I have a weird interest in brain/mental disorders.

The first:

Sociopath A Memoir by Patric Gagne

Shut the front door! This book was so interesting to me. I was in a complete chokehold. This memoir tells the story of Patric’s life and how she knew she was different from a very young age. She explains what it feels like for her to be a sociopath. Her details and personal stories of how she felt and how people reacted around her just blew my mind. 

Also, I had no idea that such a “popular” disorder had so little research/definition. Wild times, pals, wild times.


The second:

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan

Holy guacamole! This woman’s account of losing herself is insane. See what I did there :) It absolutely baffles me that she was seeking help from so many doctors and that it took so freaking long for anything to get anywhere for her. This is a great read!

In addition to this book being absolute fire. :) did it again. There's a movie on Netflix that I will be watching for my #winefriday entertainment. Cheers, pals!



What do I need from you? Well, duh! What do I read next? Do you have a favorite sciencey-memoir? Drop it in the comments!

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