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Shiz on your Sneaks

Shiz on your Sneaks

Is it time to get some shiz on those shoes?

It’s okay to boldly set off on an adventure without knowing exactly where you’ll end up.  You’ll either get where you planned or you’ll know a better way to get there next time. The shiz will wash off and if it doesn’t it gives you some street cred. (Throws made up gang signs as she listens to Shania Twain.)

What I’m getting at here is you don’t have to have it all figured out at once.  You can test things, dip your toe in, jump in head first if you want. Will you really be out anything? Maybe a little ego, but you’ll live. You’ll know better for next time. You’ll grow. You’ll learn. It probably won’t all be positive. In fact, you’re probably going to completely step in it a couple times.  💩😂  But it will be progress either way. 

*Blog Exclusive* The first time I helped Tim with sorting some cows was a disaster. (For me, for him it was hilarious and I like to think that’s when he fell in love with me…this is me putting a sweet spin on shitty story. Pun, girl.) We were going fishing and I had river type sandals on, but first we had to sort a couple cows out of a pasture.  Tim was ripping around on his dirt bike like a wild animal and screaming at me what to do… well he told me to “run, quick” and “stop that beep at the fence” and I ran, but didn’t look where I was going first. I hit a fresh pile of sha-poopy, my feet came straight out from under me and I SLID through it. Streak of sha-poopy from my rear to my wrist. Sha-poopy everywhere. We finished sorting. He laughed the whole time and his mom handed me a tiny washcloth to wipe it off as she laughed and off we went to go fishing. The rest is history or something.

I’ve been putting off some big projects because I felt like I needed more knowledge, more help, more time, more experience, and more success to start them, but what I really needed more of was courage.  So here I am taking my own advice, buckling down to go through my notes, sign up for different services and deep dive head first into new projects.  Be on the look out for SRM Pinterest posts, a weekly blog with links to products and services I can’t live without, art education reels and posts, SRM wholesaled in your favorite shops, and bimonthly emails.

Cheers to shittin’ up some fresh, white sneaks! 

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  • Jill

    Cheers to what’s next girl! Courage it a tricky and elusive mistress, your awesome for sharing and putting yourself out there! We all need to own the fact that God made us gals pretty dang amazin, thanks for the reminder!

  • Cami

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!! Love this story!! You know it’s a good one when Mom’s laughing & hopefully fishing was good!!

  • Emily Ponwith

    Proud of you! Love this insider story, those early dating dayS sure make for some good tales!

  • Mary Kimbro

    Sometimes you gotta wade through the chaff to get the good stuff. Look at the cow poop on your shoes as a reminder that you made it through once and you can make it through again.

  • Tara Monson

    Love this! Can’t wait to see all that you’ve got in store!

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