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Summer, you dirty...

Summer, you dirty...

Ugh! Summer is just flying for us and I'm one of the moms that really likes when my kids are home. They are good at playing and for the most part staying out of my hair when I'm working.  I had my best month ever for my business in June, so I must be able to get something done with the three of them running around. :) (PS thank you to all of you that ordered or hired me for your digital projects, I truly appreciate you investing in my business!)

Here are a few things I do that help me soak up sweet summer time with my little herd...

Say it with me:  "Boundaries=Time"

I have a planner that I write everything in. Appointments, camps, work projects, community things, church schedule, meetings, etc. This helps me see where I have time for what and most importantly where I have down time to just chill with the kids at home. Which is where we all thrive and get to actually enjoy each other. 

I have the Sleep-Do not disturb setting turned on for 9pm-7am on my phone. (Honestly, I'm thinking about changing it to 8:30pm-7:30pm because I do not need to be answering work messages or talking to anyone other than my family between those hours.  This also helps with me sticking to my bedtime routine of going to bed early to read my book and get quality sleep.  My kids get up early, usually around 6am. So I get up with them shortly after and get them breakfast, milk and make my coffee. My phone doesn't start bugging me until I have time to sit down on the couch and get snuggled up with Tylee. 

We say, "NO." A lot! You don't have to go everywhere. You don't have to do everything. It's ok to leave early. It's ok to stay home. I don't know about your kids, but my kids are exhausted.  They play, do chores, spend endless hours outside pretending and running around. They don't need more to do most days and all that running around isn't usually quality time spent with your kids.  I would rather be at home and watch them play or sit together and read a book before bed than carry them to bed crying because they are over tired and then up too early in the morning to start the evil process all over. Yes we do fun things. Yes we play with friends. do camps, go to a movie, and swimming lessons and blah blah blah. But, yes, I say no to a lot and honestly my kids don't care, I bet yours wouldn't either if you're feeling stretched too thin, they probably are too. 

The last thing that I think helps "slow" things down is sticking to a routine. If you've been here a while you know I don't do chaos well.  I really think that having a routine in the summer (not as strict as during school time), helps section time and keep everyone sane and not losing their marbles. 

How is your summer? Are you routines mama/dad or a fly by the seat of your pants parent? 

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  • Emmy Miller

    Boundaries are so important!! Trying to teach my husband boundaries with work is very difficult especially since he’s in sales and people call him all the time. Do not disturb is a must on my phone!!! Summer school has taken over my summer but John and I finally took some time and went to see family!! Much needed down time with them

  • Kaitlin Van Essen

    Oh I THRIVE off routine! and truly love sticking to a schedule. I work FT off the farm at a Beef jerky / beef sticks manufacturing plant so I have a work day routine and then a weekend routine. My daughter is 2.5 and the one thing I don’t try to mess with is a nap. Even if she naps a bit early or a bit late it is a must or she is meltdown central all evening long (and the next day too, ha!) We just went to the black hills in June (our favorite Vacation spot!) and it was our first long trip (7 hours driving) with our daughter, we definitely made sure she napped there since she doesn’t nap in the car! and it was so helpful for ALL of us to enjoy it!
    Our summer is for the most part just busy on the farm, we try not to attend/schedule too many extra activities in the evenings / free weekends and instead try to spend them home/ going with the flow!

  • Lynn Frisby

    I was an in between routine parent. Did I know when she needed a nap? Yes, roughly the same time everyday but not set in stone. I have friends who wouldn’t deviate from their schedule and it was frustrating to me (esp on vacation) but you have to do you. Anyway. Now she’s 18 and meeeehhhh she’s on her own 😉

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