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Book Recommendations- March 2024

Book Recommendations- March 2024

First of all, it's been a hot minute since I sat down and wrote a blog post for my website. 

I have been reading before bed and listening to audiobooks like I work or walk outside. These are my top 5 from the last month or so. 

1. Mostly What God Does by Savannah Guthrie 
I absolutely loved this book and listened to it while I walked. It written in essay form and after essay she allows time, kind of like a devotional, to think about the Bible concept or verse she's been talking about. I really enjoyed her stories and the way she adapted them each Bible lesson. 10/10

2. Bad Mormon by Heather Gay

This book is mind-blowing. First, because it talks about her experience with faith and her church and how it shaped her life. She is very honest about her experiences and I really just was so absorbed in this part. Second, the way she used all of that life and her personality to build the businesses and brand she did is amazing! As an entrepreneur, I really appreciated how she dove into her brand and chose to be unique.  8/10

3. Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears

Holy moly! This book made way more sense and wasn't full of nonsense like her sister's memoir.  She has been through a lot. A LOT! It was a quick read and I feel like she a totally normal human, or as normal as you can be growing up under Britney Spears.  I watch Netflix's Sweet Magnolia and her character there is so much like she is in real life.  7/10

4. Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter by 50 Cent

Okay, okay! I obviously love memoirs, but this is actually written as a self-help/business guide type book and I am obsessed. Like I'm actually going to buy a hard copy because there's things I need to underline and be OCD with. He has so many great business tips that can apply to literally any occupation. Plus, it's 50 freaking cent and he's BA. 9/10

5. Beneath the Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan

Oozy! This one is a doozy. I am really into WW2 books, TV shows, movies, documentaries... This one is written from a different point of view of ANY of the other books I have read and it is uncomfy, but in a good way. It is so sad. It is so amazing. Just read it. Also, as a side note Mark is an author from Montana. This book was recommended to me by one of besties and she nailed it. 10/10

6. Open Book by Jessica Simpson

Let me scream this from the rooftops real quick. READ THIS! This human is normal and powerful and been throouuugggggghhhh it! I had absolutely no idea about 98% of this book. It's also written really well and gosh darn it, I would read it again. 9/10

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