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Farmhouse Sinks (#psychoranchwife hack 4)

Farmhouse Sinks (#psychoranchwife hack 4)

Do you have a farmhouse sink? I love mine! LOVE it! 

But what I didn’t know about getting a farmhouse sink, is that your pants will get wet (iykyk) and the bottom of the sink will be dirty (always). So here are my recommendations for staying in love with your beauty of sink:

First of all, I got my sink from Home Depot clearance online in Feb of 2021.  These sinks can be expensive and I knew I wanted one, but I couldn’t afford a $1200 sink for our remodel that was costing more and more.  My sink is beautiful and I love it. 

After we got the sink installed, I was so afraid that something would happen to it.  Like terrified that it would get ruined before I even got to hardly use it.  I ordered this grate for the bottom of the sink for two reasons. First, I was really worried with the age/height of my little kids that they would throw/drop dishes in it and it would chip.  The grate has rubber on the legs and prevents anything from smacking into the bottom of the sink. Second reason, the grate allows water to run under it so I can rinse around dishes that drip or rinse food into the garbage disposal without having to scoot dishes around in the sink. 

My product of choice for cleaning the sink (which I do 4-5 times a week, because 1) I’m me and 2) if you have one of these you know how gross the bottoms get so fast) is Comet with Bleach.  My sink is WHITE and this keeps the sink and around the drain sooo sparkly clean.  It is super fast and takes me less than 5 mins to clean the grate and entire sink.  I shake some of the powdered Comet into the sink and use my “cleaning sponge” to scrub the top of the grate and then I flip it over and clean the bottom. PS if you have a grate and aren’t turning it over to clean it….please do it! It’s so gross under there! Then I tip the grate up and scrub the bottom of the sink and around the drain. Lastly, I scrub the sides and around the top of the sink where it meets up with the counter top.  All you have to do now is rinse and the sink is sparkly and smells great.

Do you have a farmhouse sink? Do you have a product to clean it or a hack that you think I would like? Share it in the comments, please. 



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