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"tide"y up your washing machine #psychoranchwife Hack 3

"tide"y up your washing machine #psychoranchwife Hack 3

Okay, okay, okay… I know! Laundry again? YES! Why? Because cowshit and 3 kids. That’s why! 

Today, I am going to share with you 2 products that have transformed the laundry and front load washing machine game at our house. 

Tide Laundry SoapFirst, you know I do laundry once a week, but did you know that I had a love/hate relationship with my front load washer? I loved that it washed my clothes and hated everything else about it. I could never keep it clean and for a first class #psychoranchwife like me, that drove me batty. I also didn’t think that it did a bang up job washing super gross stuff. 

Usually, the next day after my Saturday laundry day (if I remember) I use a Tide Washing Machine Cleaner and then leave the door open on the washing machine when it’s done for a day. This helped to cut the grime build up and the musty smell that can form in a front loader. *gross

The second and most impressive to me product was I switched to Tide HE Powdered Laundry Soap because I was using it for my new mop (next hack I will talk about that super cleaning machine) and I ran out of the liquid Tide I was using for our clothes so I tried the powdered for laundry day. Well, well, well little did I know that it would clean my clothes better, but it also cleaned my washing machine. SAY WHAT!? Yes! The powdered HE Tide laundry detergent CLEANS the nasty build up out of the rubber ring.  

Now, after I run the Tide Washing Machine Cleaner through my washing machine I take a couple of paper towels or disinfectant wipes and clean the door and around the inside of the rubber ring and there is hardly anything yucky. #win

So if you’re looking to up your laundry game, or want to blow up your washing machine because it’s disgusting give these 2 products a try. 

Bonus hack:  Sign up on Amazon for a subscription and you can get up to 15% off the products.  I grab mine on Amazon or at Costco.  

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