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My (once) dreaded 3 messes

Okay! So I can’t be alone with this one.  There are certain messes that happen with kids that really mad me mad, because I hated cleaning them up, but I’ve got all 3 down to a science and I’m going to share my hacks with you.  Pee on the couch. We’ve all been there….you’re potty training a toddler and they pee on the couch/bed when they are sleeping. Here’s how I clean it up fast, and get rid of the stink too. Soak up as much pee-pee with a towel as you can. Use hot water and Shout Stain remover liberally on the area. Sop it all up with a towel again. Then the key to being DONE with the...

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M to the O, double P to the ING #psychoranchwife hack 5

I have a couple gram-friends and a real-life bestie that were swearing by their O’Cedar mops and it seemed like an easy “yes” to just give it a go.  I use powdered Tide in mine (imagine that LOL) and sometimes a splash of bleach.  I vacuum everything first, because I don’t really like to sweep and then I can mop around 1200 square feet in less than 10 minutes with this sucker and it is CLEAN!  Hashtag lurve it When I’m done, I just dump the dirty water in our deep sink and rinse out the bucket. The mop head gets thrown in the washing machine and we are good to go until the next mess. You know…5 minutes later?...

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"tide"y up your washing machine #psychoranchwife Hack 3

First, you know I do laundry once a week, but did you know that I had a love/hate relationship with my front load washer? I loved that it washed my clothes and hated everything else about it. I could never keep it clean and for a first class #psychoranchwife like me, that drove me batty. I also didn’t think that it did a bang up job washing super gross stuff. Usually, the next day after my Saturday laundry day (if I remember) I use a Tide Washing Machine Cleaner and then leave the door open on the washing machine when it’s done for a day. This helped to cut the grime build up and the musty smell that can form...

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