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My (once) dreaded 3 messes

My (once) dreaded 3 messes

Okay! So I can’t be alone with this one.  There are certain messes that happen with kids that really mad me mad, because I hated cleaning them up, but I’ve got all 3 down to a science and I’m going to share my hacks with you. 

  1. Pee on the couch. We’ve all been there….you’re potty training a toddler and they pee on the couch/bed when they are sleeping. Here’s how I clean it up fast, and get rid of the stink too. Soak up as much pee-pee with a towel as you can. Use hot water and Shout Stain remover liberally on the area. Sop it all up with a towel again. Then the key to being DONE with the area: vinegar and water. I have a squirt bottle that has 50/50 water and white vinegar in it.  Just soak the area in that and let it dry.  BOOM! 
  2. Stickers. Stickers were once my archenemy. Now, thanks to my oily friends, I get rid of them quickly when they are stuck to the floor, trim, cabinet etc.  Just use lemon essential oil and they will literally slide off of whatever they were stuck to. 
  1. Wax. From a candle or what happens at our house the most from the Scentsy type wax warmers.  This one really pisses me off :) But all you need to do is heat up an iron, put a paper towel on the wax and rub the iron the paper towel. It will soak up into the paper towel and you can wipe it off. 


Maybe you’re like, “Duh, you dumby!” But these messes were the ones that got under my skin the most. 


So what are yours? What do you hate cleaning up, or hated until you got it down pat?


Peace homes. 

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