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Do it all at once, gurl! #psychoranchwife hack 2

Do it all at once, gurl! #psychoranchwife hack 2

Do it all at once and then peace out, babe! 

Seriously! Just do it. My girl Heather got me started on this routine and at first I was like, “yah, I will give this a go once, Heather, and then I’m out.” But I did it and I couldn’t believe how freeing it was for my psycho-self. Does that sound dramatic? Because it isn’t. This is one of the routines or habits that I have that provides me with a content feeling on Sunday afternoon when it’s all done, and then no panic throughout the week.

Heather came on her stories shortly after I met her at Rural Rooted and talked about how she did all her laundry in one day.  Hashtag WHAAAAT? She has a herd of children too.  Girl, how? I was intrigued because I had been doing a load or two a day and then clean laundry always ended up in baskets in my room...the kids would tear through them looking for something and BLAM! Refold time. Bleh. 

I changed up the day that I schedule as laundry day a couple times and ended on Saturday because that works best for me and I get it all put away by lunchtime on Sunday.  Then I don’t have to think about laundry again until the next weekend.  TA-DA! Seriously! Life changing. 

I also get the brunt of my housework for the week done in the time between switching and folding loads of laundry.  This just makes so much more sense in our house with 3 kids and trying to work while they are running around during the week.  I don’t get frustrated with the house stuff like cleaning bathrooms and or picking up toys because I just bust it all out at once and then I can completely focus on something else without thinking, “crap! I need to go start the dryer or clean toothpaste off the sink (or let’s be real floor, cabinets, counter, bathtub…how do they get toothpaste EVERY WHERE?) 


So let me know…are you going to try to do your laundry all in one day? What’s your favorite laundry hack?

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