Feed the Pig

Persist, pivot, or concede. It’s up to us, our choice every time.
Matthew McConaughey, Greenlights

I was listening to one of my favorite people, @codyrigsby , this last week and he talked about how doing a short workout was still worthy of praise and counted in the grand scheme of things. He used an analogy with a piggy bank. Even if the workout we were doing was more of a nickel than a quarter it didn’t matter because you’re still feeding the pig. It’s still better than not feeding the pig.

I’m here to tell you this is something I think about in my life a lot. Working from home with 3 young kids is hard. It’s chaotic and wild sometimes. So, is working out or starting/working on a project for 15-20 mins better than doing nothing at all? Yes! Does it closer to a goal than you were before? Yes! Does it fill the pig for later? Yes! Do I choose to persist? Yes!

So if you’re feeling bogged down, so busy, out of whack, in a weird season, or overwhelmed, please remember that doing a little today is better than nothing at all. You got it, mama!

What are you doing “a little” of today to feed the pig for something later?

Photos: @candidbroad
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