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SAHM turned WAHM

SAHM turned WAHM

Being at home with our kids all the time isn’t new to me, but I’m officially a month into working “full-time” from home while mommin’ and Lordy, we have some things to work through. It’s a wild and exhausting ride that I know so many of YOU tackle everyday too.  And, so many of you do it with husbands that work anything but conventional schedules, or no support system at all. 

Timbuckto works a lot. He leaves early and gets home late. He goes back to work in the evenings depending on the season and he has meetings and other obligations pretty often too. I don’t remember the last time he had a day off honestly. 

The kids, unintentionally (most of the time), interrupt me working allllll the daannnnnng time. I’m constantly stopping to clean something up, fix something, get someone a drink or snack, regulate a toy discrepancy, etc. 

Although my exhaustion level is up I would definitely not want to change this work from home situation. I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds. 

I get to snuggle the kids when they are tired or sad. They don’t have to spend a bunch of time in the car. Ty gets to nap in her bed everyday. They play and play and play. They get to see their dad if he pops in the house or takes one of them to work for a while.  For me, I get to work a business I love, set my own schedule, and not miss out on their precious lives. 

Here are some things I do that seem to help with the chaos of little kids, working and long days: 

•Routine: have a clear routine with your kids. Wake up time, meal times, play time, quiet time and especially bedtime. 

•Have alone/no kid time: for us the kids are in bed early so we can work, chill, watch tv in peace for a couple hours every night. #decompress 

•Exercise: do some kind of activity that makes you feel confident and like you accomplished something.  Some days that might be the only thing you get “done” or feels “finished.”

•Be organized:  lately I’ve been LOVING my @calamity.theory notepad. I fill it out everyday and work off that to keep me on task when it feels like there are soooo many things to do and so many distractions. 

•Take a break from the ranch: we had to get milk today anyways. So I packed a picnic lunch and we played at a playground for 45 mins and I got the kids ice cream to eat in the car on the way home. It was $10 and an extra hour and 15 mins. Worth it. For everyone. 

There’s so many women that do this. You can do it too. You’re not alone! 

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