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How to Foster Creativity at Home

How to Foster Creativity at Home

First, just get out of the way. *jokes! (Kind of.)

Want your kids to create and play more in the artistic world? I hear a lot from people that their kids would “never sit down and color, draw, create independently etc.” Here are some tips I have to foster a more creative environment for your kids. 

  1. Accessibility…
    Have different materials that they are allowed to do whatever they want with easily accessible. (within reason…we don’t stab things with scissors or paint the wall lol)
    For us, this looks like: a table with crayons, stickers, markers, watercolors, glitter glue, glue sticks, scissors and paper that they can come sit and create for as long as they like and leave when they are done. We also have a dry erase board and chalk board they can use to practice drawing and writing, sidewalk chalk for outside, drawers with coloring books and activity books, & occasionally they are allowed to have us print off certain character coloring sheets from the internet to use to make things. 
  2. Just let them “be.” Maybe they need to be shown how to use something, but then you need to back off and let them do it how they want.  You might be always drawing flowers for them to copy or on their papers and they don’t like making circles.  They might want to use only cool colors and you keep handing them yellow.  Just let them make the decision, play and decide what they like making and creating with.  
  3. Talk about things they like and ask why questions. This is basically an early attempt at learning about critiques.  Examples: Do you think that’s pretty? What colors do you like best? What’s your favorite illustration in this book? What feelings do think this picture shows? Why do you like this show more than other shows? What shapes do you see in that character? When you look at the horses in the field, what colors do you see? 

Moral of the story:  give them the tools and then let them figure it out.  

Here is a reel with easy art project ideas that foster creativity!

Have specific art education questions? Drop them below. I’m here to help.

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