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western wall design

western wall design


Let’s cut the overwhelm out of designing a beautiful space in your home.  First things first, you want to sign up for my 5 minute design video where I talk about a specific project I just completed in our family room. Sign up here.  I recently designed a western and family themed accent wall or focal point in our large family room.  I wanted to transform this area not only to fit in with the rest of our house, but to be a place where I actually want to be with my kids because it makes me happy. 

To start with I decided what elements I already owned that I wanted to use in this area.  Designing or redoing areas in your home doesn't have to be expensive.  You can change so much with paint, inexpensive elements and rearranging. After that, I took a photo of the wall and in the edit mode on my phone I drew in the shapes I had already to display in this area.  Next, I decided what shapes and elements I wanted to add.  For me this was a mixture of using drawings in gallery frames and photos of my family and digital images of my drawings printed through my favorite printing company, Smallwood Homes. 

After I decided the shapes and approximate spaces I would need to fill, I went onto Smallwoods and placed my order.  I also browsed amazon for “farm house decor” and snagged this cheap bead decoration. 

Amazon is a great resource for anyone, but especially for us ladies that live rurally and can’t just pop into a store to grab something. I order so many things from there.  I also grabbed a bunch of 3M Command Hanging Strips in different sizes. It’s also where I got the shelves, that were super easy to hang. (I couldn't find the exact ones, but I have these somewhere else in my house and I love them.)

I really love how this wall came together.  It’s a great mix of western lifestyle and family and a perfect fit for Montana living space.  I really want to see the walls you design after following my easy steps. Make sure to tag me on social media. @skinnerranchmama

PS don’t forget to sign up here for my design video that goes over how to tackle a project like this.  Also included are 7 other emails with discounts, education related art and design and a couple other extras. 

Peace dawg.

Update! I ended up purchasing an inexpensive bookcase from Amazon and some signs from Target to add to this area.

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