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I'm back! Here's what I'm loving...

I'm back! Here's what I'm loving...

Heyooo! I am back with a weekly email and blog post so here's the deets:
1) This week I ventured to town with the kids so I could go to the chiropractor…maybe I'll share about all of that next week because my Chiro is the GOAT, but anyways we went to Costco as all mothers with 3 children that are home all the time do and I saw the greatest water table of all time.  I am DONE with pools. They either pop (dogs, kids, random windstorms blowing them into a fence), they get gross (no matter how much stuff you put in them and try to keep them clean) or they ruin the grass and are a pain for mowing.  My kids love to play outside all day so I grabbed this Step2 Pump and Splash Water Table with a Canopy for $175 at Costco.  It did take 2 hours to put together, but it's sturdy and entertains my almost 9 year old all the way to my 3 year old. ALL DAY! Get it. The pump actually pumps and there's a place to damn the water so when they let it out the water whooshes around the whole thing. 
2) My friend, Ash, is always talking about AppleTV shows that she likes (I don't know if she subscribes to my emails, but Hi, Ash! Miss you!) and I decided to check out how much it was while waiting in construction the other day. It's less than Netflix is (which I'll talk about tv apps next week, cuz I feel like I'm stealing whenever I tell people how much I pay) and I was super surprised by this. So I downloaded it and started, “The Last Thing He Told Me,” with Jennifer Garner and HOLY CRAP! It's soooo good.  So download the Apple TV app for $6.99 a month and enjoy this crazy mystery show.  Also, I have loved Jen since her Alias days….where can I watch Alias? Reply back to this email and tell me. Please and thank you. 
I am know offering one of my scanned drawings for free. Purchase the one you want on my website using code ‘freeart’ and I will send you a purchase release and the file by email. You can then save it and print it at home or through a printing service like Small Wood Homes. 
4) Melissa Eich. End of story. Just follow her. Just kidding, I'll tell you about her a little and then you can. So I found her on IG because she married someone from where I grew up so we have mutual friends. If you don't know, I did keto for over a year and lost the weight I wanted to, but was also working out a lot and started feeling AWFUL. I signed up for one of Melissa's free classes (she's a functional nutritionist btw) and started following her simple advice and listening to her podcast episodes.  It's so worth it. She's a wealth of knowledge about all things food, exercise, stress, etc with women. I am now sleeping better. Eating healthier. Getting through my workouts and feeling fueled and strong. I am dealing with gaining a little weight back, but I'm confident I can get that off once my body feels safe again after the keto havoc. 
Ok, I'm outa here. See yah next week! :)
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  • Jessica Bolster

    Definitely gonna check out apple TV!

  • Kirsten Mews

    I love all your designs, they are soo fun and beautiful☺️

  • Andrea :)

    I LOVE the podcast recommendation!

  • Katelyn Larson

    Gah I was debating between this water table and another and I decided to go with the other and now I’m regretting it.

  • Taryn Daniels

    Mom of three here as well 🙋🏼‍♀️ water table recommendation is so appreciated! I feel you with the pool problems!!

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