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I forgot a kid today...

I forgot a kid today...

I forgot about one of my kids for 30 mins today. First off, she was fine. She took a nap, haha! I was off my regular schedule. I had a million things running through my brain that needed to be done or are coming up and I was making sure the kids that weren’t mine were safe. 

I have felt like the WORST mom all day because of this little episode. I have NEVER done that. How could I forget about one of my kids?

Well let me tell you…because I am doing 7 million things and I’m tired as a mother, as most moms are tbh.  The funny thing about this whole ordeal is my daughter didn’t care.  She literally said, “It’s ok, mama. I just took a rest.”

So I’m here being honest and authentic and letting you know that we all screw up. We all make mistakes. Mommin’ ain’t easy.  Working from home isn’t easy.  New schedules aren’t easy. Life isn’t easy. 

Give yourself some grace.  Regroup. Schedule in rest, a break, take-out, whatever it is that will help you and keep on keepin’ on. 

Peace babe, 


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